All our shipments in Switzerland are made by ccolissimo followed delivery against signature.

Livraison colissimo de la Poste

This allows you to check the condition of the goods since you must be there physically to sign the receipt slip. In the event of a problem: damaged or open package, etc., you have the choice of accepting the package with reservations (eg broken bottle, missing product, etc.) or refusing delivery of the package.

Shipping costs are up to 30kg (i.e. 18 bottles maximum) :

Up to 5kg + de 5kg and up to 7kg + de 7kg and up to 9kg + de 9kg and up to à 10kg + de 10 and up to 15kg + de 15 and up to à 20kg + de 20 and up to 25kg + de 25 and up to 30kg
18,90€ 23,90€ 25,90€ 27,90€ 36,90€ 43,90€ 50,90€ 53,90€

The products are exported to Switzerland HT. You may have to pay customs fees.


Your order is prepared within 24 working hours unless otherwise stated on the site. The delay of the Post Office is normally 4 to 6 days.

You will receive a shipping confirmation for your package with the package tracking number on the La Poste website or from our website (track your shipments area present on all pages).

If you notice a delay of more than 8 days or a problem with the follow-up: contact us quickly.