Ingredients for 4 persons

  •  4 bananas (or 4 ½ bananas)
  •  25g of butter
  •  25cl of mellow mead
  •  50 gr of sugar (white or red)
  •  3 pinches of cinnamon, 1 cinnamon stick
  •  2 vanilla pods


  •  In a saucepan, pour the mead, flambé it to a boil.
  •  On a low heat add, sugar, cinnamon stick, vanilla and let simmer for 15 minutes.
  •  Meanwhile in a frying pan, melt the butter, place the bananas. Brown on both sides.
  •  Arrange the plates by pouring the mead reduction (from which the vanilla and the cinnamon stick have been removed) on the bananas, decorate with whipped cream, decorate the edges of the plate with pinches of cinnamon.

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