Discover mead (hydromel in french), one of the oldest known alcoholic beverages. Dry, semi-dry or soft: there is a mead for all tastes!

Sometimes related to Brittany Chouchen mead differs in the sense that the alcoholic fermentation is due to yeasts in the case of Mead and apple juice in the case of Chouchen.

Our meads, rigorously selected, are made from organic honey from hives located in Languedoc Roussillon in diverse areas and adapted to the different honeys required for the manufacture of different meads: forest, scrubland, mountain and coastline in preserved areas

The result of a skilful assembly supervised by oenologists and agronomists, these honeys, from areas classified as organic, give birth to a wide range of oenological meads. Each stage of the process (fermentation, stabilization, rearing and clarification) is controlled by analyzes to produce this nectar, formerly called nectar of the Gods.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items