Chouchen Breton

Chouchen is a traditional Breton mead. Its origins are lost in the mists of time. Gallic meads were undoubtedly very different from those of today! On the other hand, we know that they existed long before wines and cervoises, even if they were lukewarm!
In the Middle Ages, the lords of Brittany had their meaders. The lords fell but not the hydromeliers! Some of today's hydromeliers have taken over these traditional drinks.
The chouchens that we offer are top-of-the-range drinks, made in oak barrels. They are produced by hand in limited volumes.
To obtain good chouchens it is necessary to take your time. Just like meads, time is a central element. There is the fermentation, the maturation in barrels and then the maturation which can be long. For the vintages that require it, there is finally the time for blending.

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