Ingredients for 4 persons

  •  500g of red fruits (currants, blueberry, strawberry, blackcurrant)
  •  25cl of Hypocras white or red
  •  100g of sugar
  •  2juice of lemon
  •  6 sheets of gelatin


  •  Marinate 200g of red berries with hypocras, sugar and lemon juice for one hour in the refrigerator.
  •  Share the 300g of remaining fruit in ramekin. Put the gelatin in cold water. When the fruits have marinated, put everything in a saucepan.
  •  Cook for a quarter of an hour after boiling, change to Chinese and add gelatin.
  •  Fill the ramekins with the syrup and leave to refrigerate
  •  Serve with custard.

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