White hypocras and red hypocras develop slightly different flavours and characteristics. The red appears drier to the palate, while the white has a sweeter, milder appearance. White or red Hypocras can therefore be combined with different terrines to create harmonious combinations.

With white Hypocras :

  • Fish terrine (Tuna spread à la Provençale, Duo of salmon with smoked salmon and dill, ...) : White hypocras goes well with seafood and delicate white fish, such as sole or sea bass. A fish terrine, such as a salmon terrine, can be an excellent choice.
  • Poultry terrine: White hypocras can also be paired with poultry terrines, such as chicken or turkey terrine, which have a lighter flavour and work well with the freshness of white hypocras.
  • a foie gras-based terrine or a poultry terrine with dried fruit, such as a quail terrine with grapes, for a sweet-savoury contrast. These types of terrines are rich in flavours and textures, which makes them complementary to hypocras. The sweet and fruity notes of the terrine will work well with the spices of the hypocras, while the richness and texture of the terrine will provide a good base to balance the potency of the drink.
  • A savoury root vegetable pie, such as butternut squash pie or carrot pie. The sweet and earthy flavours of the vegetables will work well with the spices of the hypocras.
  • A cheese platter, with strong, rich cheeses such as blue cheese, Roquefort or Gorgonzola. The intense flavours of the cheeses will blend well with the flavours of the hypocras.
  • A spicy fruit dessert, such as apple pie or a pear and cinnamon crumble. The spices in the dessert will work well with the spices in the hypocras.

With red hypocras :

  • Game terrine: Red hypocras is more full-bodied than white hypocras. It goes well with more robust dishes such as game terrines, such as venison terrine, wild boar terrine or bull terrine.
  • Pork terrine: Red hypocras can also be paired with pork terrines, such as terrine de campagne or terrine de foie de porc, which have a rich flavour and blend well with the spicy character of red hypocras.
  • A meat stew, such as boeuf bourguignon, coq au vin or a Provençal stew. The rich flavours of simmered meat go well with the spices of hypocras.
  • A braised pork dish with spices, such as a pork dish with cinnamon or aniseed. The sweet and spicy notes of the dish will work well with the flavours of the hypocras.