Meads from Occitania

The oenological meads of Occitanie are designed in the manner of vintage wines.

The honeys come from more than 300 bee colonies that forage in Occitania. The beekeeping estate is located northwest of Montpellier, at the foot of Pic Saint Loup in Occitanie (formerly Languedoc-Roussillon).

The hives are positioned away from crop areas. This in a process of preservation and quality: the Domaine Apicole is certified in Organic Agriculture (FRBIO-11)

The locations of the apiaries are rigorously selected: in the forest or scrubland for all-flower honeys, in the mountains or on the coast for single-flower honeys, such as thistle and rhododendron.

In collaboration with oenologists and agricultural engineers, the beekeeper designs his meads like real wines. Together they work on fine blends of the different vintages of honey and this throughout the work of creating oenological meads from Occitania.

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