Hidromiel Valhalla

Bodegas Valhalla is a Spanish meadery that decided years ago to bring this historic beverage back to our time.
Their meads are made with local honey, their own yeast and the character of the Seville water used in their preparations. The recipe is traditional but allows them to offer meads full of nuances and faithful to the original flavours.

Mead is the first alcoholic drink consumed by man. Mead is considered to be one of the precursors of beer and wine. In ancient times, it was widely consumed and enjoyed a wide distribution among different peoples and cultures.
In Europe, mead was made and drunk by the Greeks, Romans, Celts, Normans, Saxons and Vikings. Julius Caesar himself had mead as his favourite drink.

In the Americas, the Maya drank mead with pieces of tree bark and in some of these cultures it was used to praise heroes and those chosen by the gods.

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