•     1 chicken cut into 8 pieces
  •     500g baby onions
  •     500g of turnips
  •     100g lean bacon
  •     75 cl of red or white hypocras
  •     2 tablespoons flour
  •     Parsley
  •     Seasoning


  • In a frying pan: Brown the diced bacon in a little oil or lard.
  • Remove in the fat, brown the onions.
  • Remove ; brown the pieces of chicken.
  • Singer (flour your chicken fricassee) by turning the pieces to avoid having them attached.
  • Wet with your bottle of hypocras, add the bacon.
  • Cooking time: 30 minutes over low heat. Add the onions bells, (cooking 10 minutes). Correct the seasoning and consistency of the sauce if necessary. Serve very hot in the center of a dish by spreading the chicken pieces with the sauce and onions, sprinkle with parsley.
  • Arrange around your turnips and carrots cut into large sticks that have been cooked separately in a bottom of salted water with a knob of butter. Tip: Instead of singer, you can use maïzena or a bottom of poultry tied, to add to the hypocras, but if you want to achieve a truly authentic binding, use two slices of dry bread grilled and crushed very fine. When cooking vegetables, avoid turning them so as not to break the sticks and cover your vegetables with aluminum foil or baking paper pierced with a central hole.

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