Mead, as we often say on our site, is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks made by man.

Its history is written in the Nordic legends, among the Vikings, their Valkyries, their gods and their paradise: the "Valhalla".

The drink was also highly prized in ancient times and was known to the Greeks, Romans and Celts. It is said to have been Julius Caesar's favourite drink.

In France, this drink has been rediscovered for some time and on our site we offer you the meads of the Clos des Sentinelles, sparkling meads and even Chouchen (to put it simply) the Breton mead.

In Northern Europe, in the Nordic countries, but also in Germany and Poland, it is still widely consumed.

In the United States, there is even an international mead fair.

In Spain, it was not as well known, but that was without counting on two entrepreneurs from Seville who were fans of Viking mythology. They decided, in the midst of the craft beer boom, to bet on this drink and make it a modern drink that was still faithful to tradition.

Ten years ago these two partners created their brand: "Valhalla".

First, they created their "perfect" mixture of honey, water and lebure, which causes the alcoholic fermentation of the honey. They found a cooperative in Castilblanco de los Arroyos where they get their honey - "thousand flowers" - with a concentration of 80% rosemary, which gives it its characteristic flavour.

In the family of one of the partners there is a probiotic factory, which allowed them to find the desired combination of yeasts.

"Valhalla" is a mead made entirely by hand, without any preservatives. Moreover, thanks to the honey and the probiotic itself, it has health benefits and does not cause hangovers as it does not contain any fat. However, it should be consumed in moderation, as mead contains alcohol (11% Vol).

Once this process was completed, the most complicated part remained: completing the administrative formalities both for the product itself (health, food, bottlers' and even labelling registration), and for the premises where the mixture would be produced.

The creators say that when they went to the Junta's bottlers' register, the technicians were not sure what type of drink to include mead in, because although there was a regulation setting out how to treat it, no one had used it until now. After several months of work, production was able to begin.

Initially consisting of 4 products: Aesir classic, Valhalla traditional (more roasted taste), double honey and Freyja(red fruits) the range now consists of 5 meads available in 33cl and 75cl with the addition of Ragnarök 33cl.