Aperitifs with friends or drinks with colleagues

For drinks with colleagues or aperitifs with friends, choose from our divine selection of hypocras, meads and sparkling meads. These medieval drinks will take your friends or colleagues on a gustatory journey where history meets modernity, offering a unique experience to share.

Let yourself be seduced by hypocras, a nectar of spices and wine that evokes the festivities of medieval times. The red, with its deep ruby hues, will awaken your senses with its aromas of cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. Each sip will envelop you in a comforting warmth and transport you to a bygone era, when delicious food and lively conversation were commonplace.

If you prefer a more delicate touch, white hypocras is a refined choice. Its softer notes of ginger, mace and nutmeg blend harmoniously, creating a light, subtle symphony of flavours. Like red hypocras, taste it chilled and enjoy the velvety smoothness that caresses your palate, while the exotic flavours transport you to faraway lands.

For those seeking an even more authentic experience, plunge into the intoxicating world of mead, a honey-based drink that dates back to ancient times. The sweet aroma of honey blends with hints of wild flowers or exotic spices, creating rich and fascinating flavour profiles. Let yourself be enchanted by the natural aromas and velvety texture of this exceptional drink, which is also a symbol of conviviality and sharing.

And why not add a touch of fizz to your festivities? Sparkling meads, with their fine bubbles and freshness, add a new dimension to your drinks with colleagues or aperitifs with friends. Let the little bubbles tickle your palate and add a festive note to your get-togethers, while you savour the sweet and delicious delights of these amazing drinks.

Our prizes are based on an approximate number of glasses (wine glass filled to 18 cl). Our prizes for aperitifs with friends or starter drinks are an invitation to discover new flavours and immerse yourself in a thousand years of history.

Remember to drink these beverages in moderation, savouring them slowly to fully appreciate their subtleties. Let yourself be enchanted by the subtle aromas and fascinating flavours of hypocras, mead and sparkling mead, and create unforgettable memories with your colleagues and friends. Let these exceptional beverages transport you to bygone eras, while celebrating the friendship and conviviality that unite you today.

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